Zeniarai Benten 銭洗弁財天

About Zeniarai Benten Shrine

Zeniarai Benten Shrine is a shrine that was founded based on a dream that Minamoto no Yoritomo had received, and it is a place where Hōjō Tokiyori washed money to pray for the prosperity of his clan. There is a water source called “Zeniarai Water” in this shrine, and it is said that washing money with this water can increase your fortune. It is also one of the Kamakura’s Five Famous Waters.

Zeniarai Benten Shrine is surrounded by steep cliffs on all sides and its entrance is through a tunnel. There are two main shrines, the Motomiya and the Okumiya, where the Uga-jin and Benzaiten are enshrined, and a basket for washing money is also provided. In addition, there are three auxiliary shrines, Kamino-mizu-jingu, Shimono-mizu-jingu, and Shichifukujin-sha, located within the precincts.

At Zeniarai Benten Shrine, there is a famous amulet called “Negai Kanau Nasu Mamori” which is said to make your wishes come true. Eggplants have been considered a symbol of good luck since ancient times and are said to bring success in various endeavors.

Location: 2-25 Sasuke, Kamakura City
Access: 20-minute walk from JR Kita-Kamakura Station
Hours: 8:00-16:30
Admission fee: Free within the precincts
Toilets: Available.


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