North Kamakura Area

There are many attractions in the northern Kamakura area. First, there is Engaku-ji Temple, a Zen temple of the Rinzai school, which is one of the Kamakura Gozan (Five Mountains of Kamakura). It has many attractions such as historical buildings and beautiful gardens of autumn leaves and cherry blossoms.

Another attraction in the northern Kamakura area is Tōkei-ji Temple, also a Rinzai school temple. It is known for its role as a temple for the relief of women who could not divorce during the feudal era. Important cultural properties such as Shokannon and Suigetsukanon are enshrined there, and plum blossoms create a beautiful scenery in spring.

Furthermore, Meigetsu-in Temple is also one of the attractions in the northern Kamakura area. It is a temple built to mourn the Yamanauchi Sudo Tsunetoshi’s father who died in the Heiji Rebellion, and is also known as the Hydrangea Temple. Many hydrangeas are planted on the grounds, and many tourists visit in June.

Lastly, Kenchō-ji Temple is known as the representative Zen temple in the northern Kamakura area. It is a Zen temple established with the help of Hōjō Tokiyori by Lanxi Daolong, who came from the Southern Song Dynasty. It has many important cultural properties such as the National Treasure silk painting of Lanxi Daolong and the Bonsho (Buddhist temple bell). It is also known for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in fall.

Engaku-ji 円覚寺 Tōkei-ji 東慶寺
Meigetsu-in 明月院 Kenchō-ji 建長寺