Gokuraku-ji 極楽寺

About Gokuraku-ji Temple

Gokuraku-ji Temple is a Shingon Ritsu sect temple located in Gokurakuji, Kamakura City. It is the only temple of the Shingon Ritsu sect in Kamakura. It was founded in 1259 by Shigetoki, the third son of Hōjō Yoshitoki, with Ninshō as its founding monk. In the past, it was a large temple complex consisting of seven main halls and 49 sub-temples. It had buildings such as the Serakuin, a medical facility, and a bathhouse, which accommodated a large number of patients. However, it was destroyed by Nitta Yoshisada’s attack on Kamakura in the third year of the Genkō era, and currently, only the Kichijo-in, which enshrines the main image of Shakyamuni Buddha, and the Treasure Hall remain. In front of the main hall, there are stone mortars and stone mortars believed to have been used by Ninshō for making medicine.

Location: 3-6-5 Gokurakuji, Kamakura City
– By Enoshima Electric Railway: 1 minute walk from Gokurakuji Station
– By Enoshima Electric Railway: 10 minutes walk from Hase Station

Hours: 8:00 – 16:30
Admission Fee: Free
Toilets: Available


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