Kaizo-ji 海蔵寺

About Kaizoji Temple

Kaizo-ji Temple is a Rinzai sect temple that was originally established with seven halls, but was destroyed by fire in 1333 and rebuilt in 1394. The Yakushi Hall, which houses the Yakushi Nyorai statue and others, was moved from Jochi-ji Temple in 1775. This temple is known for its beautiful garden and well, as well as its seasonal flowers, such as plum blossoms and kaido in spring, Japanese hydrangeas in summer, and bush clover in autumn. Whenever you visit Kaizo-ji Temple, you will always encounter beautiful flowers.

Location: 4-18-8 Ogigayatsu, Kamakura City
Access: 20-minute walk from JR Kamakura Station
Hours: 9:30-16:00
Admission fee: 100 yen for adults
Toilets: Available.

・Yukiyagi blooming beside the mountain gate (late March to early April)


・Japanese garden behind the main hall


・Rhododendron and plum blossom sky tree blooming from the end of April to the beginning of May


・Nearby Shrines, Temples, and Other Sights

Jufuku-ji 寿福寺(9-minute walk)
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu 鶴岡八幡宮(15-minute walk)


・Cafes and restaurants around Kaizo-ji temple

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