Hakone 箱根

・Basic Information
Hakone, surrounded by mountains, has flourished as a hot spring town. Many tourists visit every year. It is an excellent place for sightseeing such as mountains, lakes, shrines, museums, and hot springs.

・How to get to Hakone-Yumoto
From Tokyo Station by train
Tokyo Station(JR Tokaido Line) ==> Odawara Station
Odawara Station(Hakone Tozan Railway) ==> Hakone-Yumoto Station
Time: 1hour 41 minutes
Fare: 1840 Yen

・How to get to Lake Ashi from Hakone-Yumoto
By Bus (Bus stop No.1)
Hakone-Yumoto Station ==> Hakone-en
Time: 1hour
Fare: 1200 Yen

・Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi

・Hakone Shrine

・Lake Ashi (Ashino-ko)