Sugimotodera 杉本寺

・ Basic Information about Sugimotodera
This temple was founded by the high-ranking priest Gyoki, and is said to be the oldest holy Buddhist site in Kamakura, existing since before Minamoto Yoritomo entered Kamakura. Its long history is told by its approach stairs of stones covered with moss and the flags with calligraphic characters that flutter on either side of the approach.

Address: 903 Nikaido Kamakura
Hours: 8:00-16:30
Admission: 200yen
Restroom: Available

・ Access to Sugimotodera
By Walk: 20 minutes from Kamakura station.
By Bus: Take [鎌23,24,36] bus at Kamakura station bus terminal and leave the bus at Sugimotokannon(杉本観音).
You can get to Sugimotodera about 1 minutes on foot from this bus stop.

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