Shichirigahama Beach(七里ヶ浜)

Shichirigahama(七里ヶ浜) is a coast in the southwestern part of Kamakura facing Sagami Bay. It’s 3 minutes on foot from Shichirigahama Station or 1 minute from Kamakurakōkōmae Station. If you have time after visiting a temple or shrine, we recommend that you visit here. People who enjoy marine sports This beach is also the motif of … [Read more…]

Inamuragasaki (稲村ヶ崎)

Inamuragasaki (稲村ヶ崎) is a cape in the southwestern part of Kamakura, between Yuigahama and Shichirigahama and is famous as viewing spot for Mount Fuji (富士山) and Enoshima (江ノ島). In the evening, a lot of people come to see Mt.Fuji and the sunset. ・Rocky area of Inamuragasaki ・Scenery after sunset ・ Access to Inamuragasaki By Walk: … [Read more…]

The plum trees are in full bloom in Myohonji (妙本寺)

February, when the plum trees bloom beautifully, makes us feel the arrival of spring. Now you can see beautiful plum trees at Myohonji Temple (妙本寺). ・Soshido hall (祖師堂) and plum tree ・Pink petals of plum tree ・Shirokagaume (白加賀梅) ・ Access to Myohonji By Walk: 10 minutes from Kamakura station.

Trekking on Mount Kinuhari (衣張山)

Mount Kinuhari is located in east of Kamakura. It is a low mountain with an altitude of 121 meters, and from the summit you can see the city of Kamakura, Sagami Bay, and Mt. Fuji. It takes about 15 minutes from the trailhead to the summit. ・Mt Kinuhari (衣張山) ・The trailhead to Mt Kinuhari. ・The … [Read more…]

Autumn leaves in Kaizoji in Kamakura

Kaizoji is located northwest of Kamakura, you can enjoy watching the garden of various expressions in all seasons and now you can see beautiful autumn leaves in autumn. Map

Yuigahama Beach

Yuigahama beach is located on the south side of Kamakura Station and it takes about 20 minutes on foot. It is a place where people can relax. Surfing at Yuigahama ・Map

Backyard of Kaizoji in spring

Kaizoji is located in northwest of kamakura is small temple. There are few tourists here, but It is a quiet and attractive place. More info: Kaizoji (海蔵寺)

Mount Fuji from Zaimokuza coast

Mount Fuji and Enoshima from Zaimokuza coast in Kamakura. Zaimokuza Beach is located next to Yuigahama Beach. It is a local area that tourists rarely visit, but on a clear day, you can see the beautiful Mount Fuji.   ・Map