Hokokuji 報国寺

・ Basic Information about Hokokuji
This temple was founded in 1334 by Tengan Eko reportedly under the sponsorship of Ashikaga Ietoki or Uesugi Shigekane. This temple is famous for a beautiful bamboo garden that is laid out behind its main sanctuary.

Address: 7-4 Jomyoji 2-chome Kamakura
Hours: 9:00-16:00
Admission: Free (Admission is 300yen for bamboo garden)
Restroom: Available

・ Access to Hokokuji
By Walk: 25 minutes from Kamakura station.
By Bus: Take [鎌23,24,36] bus at Kamakura station bus terminal and leave the bus at Jomyoji(浄明寺).
You can get to Hokokuji about 3 minutes on foot from this bus stop.

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